Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Expedition Tent - Black


Once again Alu-Cab have revolutionised the roof tent market with their Alu-Cab Gen 3 Expedition Tent.



Now one of the most sought after roof tents on the market, the Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Expedition Tent is more aerodynamic and wider (100mm at the shoulders) than its predecessor.



What makes the Gen 3.1 Expedition tent so unique is its simple single action method of opening and closing.  The tent is accessible from all 3 sides, and when you’re ready to move on simply close the tent with all the bedding in place, there’s no need to deconstruct the sleeping quarters.





Polyethylene closed-cell foam insulates the Gen 3 tent giving you superior comfort and insulation.  A reinforced aluminium outer-casting roof with mounting rails provides you added storage for equipment and gear, while inside the tent stalk reading lights, USB charge point and storage bags gives you all the creature comforts of home.  Installation of the tent is made easy via nut-slotted rails on the base of the tent to your roof racks.





* 400-gram UV-resistant rib-lock waterproof canvas with sealed seams

* Mattress: 75 mm High-density foam mattress with zip-off cover

* Doors/windows fitted with high-quality mosquito netting

* Insulation: Polyethylene closed-cell foam

* External Casing Aluminium

* Weight: Approx. 76 kg

* Sleek design





* Mattress: 75 mm High-density foam mattress with zip-off cover

* Width: External 1400 mm / internal 1300 mm (@ shoulders)

* Height (open): Exterior - 2000mm | Interior - 1600mm

* Height (ext, closed): Front 210mm / rear 250mm

* Length: External 2300 mm / internal 2100 mm

* Insulation: Polyethylene closed-cell foam

* Weight: Approx. 76 kg

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